Who I am

Who am I?

My name is Claudio Mafara and I’m a horse carriage driver.  I will give you a grand tour of the beautiful city of Florence in my carriage.
I will guide you by all special touristic places! I speak English, French and Spanish and I’ll be happy to tell you all I know about the history of Florence during the tour.
If you’re interested, please contact me here.

I Fiaccherai (Horse carriage driver)

The term “fiaccheraio” refers to the driver of a horsedrawn carriage,  ​ The Florentine term “fiacchere”  comes from the French word “fiacre”, meaning carriage​. In earlier days, when Florence was not yet equipped for motorized public transport,  it was the main way of transportation in the city.
Taking part in a carriage tour today, truly brings back the charm of those days.